Luethi-Peterson Camps

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Dear friends, members as well as everyone interested in LPC!

We invite you to come and spend a weekend together from June 7th to June 10th in Mont Soleil (Mont-Soleil 155, 2610 Saint-Imier) On Saturday the general assembly of the swiss support group will also take place. In order to a lot of time for classic LPC routine and spirit, there will be the option of already arriving on Friday. As we only pay for the number of beds we actually use per night, we are flexible in our planning.

For more Infos and binding registration for the weekend please e-mail:

We would like to see a lot of new as well as familar faces in Mont Soleil, to dance and sing with you, to share old and not so old stories and just enjoy a weekend of LPC with you. Please do not hesitate to apply if you have not been to camp, but still are interested in catching a glimpse into the philosophy and activities of the organization.

Also, please invite anyone you think might be interested in coming!
Looking forward to seeing you there!

The board of the Swiss Support Group:
Antonio, Natalie, Markus, Aurore & Simon

The price for the weekend is as follows:

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Dear Friends,

LPC is preparing for the retirement of Sona Benenson who has been the Administrator of our European Central Office (ECO) for many many years (decades!). Sonia will be with us until the end of the next academic year, ending her long term in June 2020.

A committee is working together with the Ecole administration to find the right person for the job.  This is a unique position because the LPC Administrator is only part of the job. The larger part is being a staff member at the Ecole which includes having an Ecole family, attending conference, participating in all school activities, and teaching.

Please find the job description for the ECO Administrator attached to this letter. In order to see what employment opportunities are open at the Ecole, please check the employment page of their website:  We are hoping to hire someone by summer and would encourage interested parties to contact us by sending a CV (resume) and a letter of intent as soon as possible through the ExCom at We would like to hear from potential applicants as soon as possible.

We are sending this letter to you because you have close connections with LPC and perhaps you are interested in the position.  If not, perhaps you know someone who is. We want to get this information out to the LPC community as efficiently as possible in the hopes of finding the perfect person for the job!  Please feel free to forward this information on to anyone you think will be suitable, even if they are not connected to LPC.

Thank you for your help in this important transition,

The ECO Admin Search Committee

Nina Horakova
Francesca Meme
Rose Cowan
Kathleen Hennessy

Job description LPC Administrator 2019:
The LPC Administrator is responsible for coordinating communication and providing administrative
support to the Luethi-Peterson Camps organization and its members.
The LPC Administrator will work independently and in collaboration with an international staff of
volunteers based all over the world, consisting essentially of directors, treasurer, other administrators
and Executive Committee (ExCom) members. The LPC Administrator is a member of the Association of LPC International.
The Administrator must attend and provide administrative and organizational support to the annual Christmas Conference (CC) of the Association, which takes place each year between December 26th and January 4th.
The LPC Administrator is part of the Ecole d’Humanite staff and will be linked with an Ecole Job. The LPC Administrator is hired by the Ecole in close consultation with LPC and under Swiss Job employment law and regulations.
15-20 hours depending on the season
The LPC Administrator must be able to work independently and demonstrate the following:
• Understanding and support of the LPC philosophy
• Understanding of the current LPC policies and decisions or getting familiar with these
• Ability to maintain confidentiality
Required Skills:
• Strong IT skills (Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Word, Excel, various databases, basic use
of WordPress)
• Strong (time) management and organizational skills
• Good oral and written communication skills in English and at least one other language
• Ability to be flexible and to efficiently handle multiple tasks
• Be proactive and have an enthusiastic entrepreneurial approach
• Problem solving ability
• Ability to work together with a diverse population.
• Attention to detail, and accuracy
Desired Skills:
• Knowledge and/or interest in fundraising
• Website managing skills in WordPress (be able to update)
Areas of responsibility:
• Keeping an overview of administration of the European Central Office (ECO)
• Maintain supplies of stationery, applications, brochures, working documents, etc.
• Maintain office equipment and arrange for necessary repairs
• Record office expenditure and manage the office budget
• Maintain order and organization in the office
• Maintaining regular contact with the Executive Committee, treasurer, active directors and
support groups
• Updating Association’s documents and files (Director’s disc, Director’s manual, applications)
• Managing the (online) intake of applications and prepare these for the annual meeting and
waiting lists
• Preparing for the annual meeting of the Association (the Christmas Conference) together with
other LPC officers (liasing with the Ecole about CC accomodation and use of other spaces)
• Communicating with the Association members (newsletters)
• Maintaining and updating the archives of LPC
for promoting international understanding
Luethi-Peterson Camps International. Ecole d’Humanité, CH 6085, Hasliberg-Goldern, Switzerland.
LPC Administrator_Job Description 2019
• Overseeing the Association’s fundraising initiatives
• Maintaining and updating the database
• Proofreading camp narratives before sending them to camper parents
• Receiving and reviewing background checks
• Delegating work to assigned Helper and managing their workload and output
• Assisting with the organization of the World Gathering held at the Ecole every 5 years in
relation to organizing accommodation and liaising with Ecole administration
• Maintaining accountability to the Association (for example, writing an annual report)
• Performing other related tasks as assigned by the CC or the ExCom.
Training & Support
• The Administrator is entitled to 1:1 support and supervision. This should happen twice yearly
– once at CC and again mid-year (this will be the ExCom’s responsibility).
• Most of the training will be done informally on the job, but ExCom may assign additional
trainings as applicable and available.
• The LPC Administrator will be in close communication and working relationship with
Transition period
We hope to strive for a sufficient transition period (September-December 2019) in which the new
Administrator can work together with the current Administrator.
Supervision & Evaluations
• The Executive Committee (ExCom) will provide feedback and support to LPC Administrator
throughout the year.
• A feedback session will be held annually during the week of the Christmas Conference.
Compensation and conditions
• Work is office-based. The office may be shared with other administrative staff
• Salary and conditions – to be determined by the Ecole d’Humanité. LPC contributes
10.000CHF to the Administrator’s salary
LPC Work Hours are to be determined in consultation with the Ecole d’Humanité and will depend on
the season.

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Here are a list of the LPC camps in 2019;

For Younger Campers

USA Site: Freedom, New Hampshire
Ages: 9 – 14
Dates: July 8th – August 5th
Director: Colin Townes-Anderson (USA)

Estonia Site: Kiidi
Ages: 9 – 14
Dates: July 2nd – July 22nd
Directors: Till Schwantes (Germany)

Czech Republic. Site: Klino
Ages: 9 -14
Dates: July 10th – July 31st
Directors: Julia Fiebig (Germany/USA) & Laia Fabre (Spain)

For Older Campers

Norway Site: Heggnes, Dale i Sunnfjord
Ages: 14 – 17
Dates: July 8th – July 29th
Directors: Thomas Kasebacher (Austria)

USA Site: Birch Point, Maine
Ages: 14-17
Dates: July 15th – August 12th
Director: Travis McCoy Fuller (USA)

Switzerland Site: Ecole d’Humanite, Goldern Hasliberg
Ages: 14 -17
Dates: July 12th – August 2nd
Directors: Viola Cucciomei (Italy) & Bruna Melis (Italy)

Hiking camp in the French Pyrenees
Ages: 14-17
Dates: July 15th – July 31st
Directors: Mark Jordans(NL), Katia Verreault (Canada) & Michiel Blumenthal (NL)

This year’s camps in photos

(English) World Gathering 2018

(English) LPC CC Newsletter 2017/18

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Download the LPC CC Newsletter 2017/18 here.