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After last year’s success of raising over 5000 Euros, LPC’s fundraising committee is hosting another Silent auction!

Last year, we had handmade yarn, clothes, rugs, a blanket, and a carved wooden spoon, LPC memorabilia, art, music, wine tasting, virtual tours, holiday getaways, Swiss chocolate, and much more. The bidding was enthusiastic up to the very last minute, and the process helped connect our community around the world at a time we all needed it. Here is a link to what was offered last year. This year we will use a new platform specifically for charities auctions – should be even more fun!

2021 Silent auction will take place October 30th-November 7th

October 30th – bidding opens

October 31 – Silent auction’s special edition of LPC Radio show!

November 7th – bidding closes


If you have any exciting items or experiences to offer for this year’s auction, please fill this SURVEY no later than October 24th!

Help us spread the word:

Do you belong to a whattsup group from a camp? Did your kids go recently? Are you friends with LPCers who might not be on any mailing list? Please tell them about the auction!

Thank you for your past support, and for helping make this next Silent Auction an even bigger success!

Camp Birthday Radio Show

Hi all!
Piet-Hein van der Ploeg will host a special LPC Birthday edition of his LPC radio show tomorrow on Sunday, August 1st!

If you want to hear your favorite LPC song, see instructions on our Facebook page here. This can be a song you sang in camp, your favorite folkdance, that song you always played during dishes, or any song that makes you think of camp!

The show will air from 7-9pm Central European Time (1-3pm EDT and 10am-12pm PDT in the U.S.), and can be accessed through these links:
https://bit.ly/2pGnP3v or https://bit.ly/2Gxy9EV

See the Facebook page for updates if the above links do not work. Link here.

Happy Camp Birthday!

Potenziale raduno in Italia a luglio!

LPCers di tutta Italia, unitevi!
Siamo Francesca Schettini e Filippo Ricci, due appassionati counselor LPC italiani! Vi contattiamo perché avete espresso interesse a seguire i programmi LPC per il 2021 e perché attualmente vivete in Italia. 
Come saprete, a causa della pandemia purtroppo non saremo in grado di ospitare i nostri amati campi nell’estate 2021, quindi abbiamo deciso di ricreare comunque un po’ LPC vibes quest’estate e abbiamo pensato: “perché non organizzare un raduno LPC in Italia?” Tanti di noi hanno passato fin troppo tempo senza Morgensport, Folkdancing, Putz e, naturalmente, il Goodnight Circle più famoso al mondo. Tutto questo ci manca molto e siamo sicuri che manchi anche a voi.
Vorremmo invitare coloro che attualmente vivono in Italia a celebrare con noi l’LPC tramite un gathering quest’estate. Sulla base di ciò che sarà possibile riguardo alle restrizioni COVID-19, molto probabilmente il gathering sarà un weekend da scegliere tra uno dei primi due fine settimana di luglio e il luogo sarà vicino Roma in modo tale che sia facilmente raggiungibile sia da Nord che da Sud. Prima di addentrarci troppo nella pianificazione, ci piacerebbe avere un’idea generale di quanti di voi sarebbero interessati a partecipare. Una volta che avremo queste informazioni, stabiliremo una data precisa e creeremo e vi manderemo un modulo di iscrizione più ufficiale.Se siete interessati a partecipare all’evento, per favore rispondete a questa email entro e non oltre il 4 giugno. Riceverete un aggiornamento da parte nostra dopo quella data. 
Qualora foste interessati o aveste qualsiasi tipo di domanda, non esitate a contattarci ai nostri indirizzi email personali: 
English Version:
We’re Francesca Schettini and Filippo Ricci, two passionate Italian LPC counselors!
We are contacting you as you have expressed interest in hearing about LPC for 2021 and currently live in Italy.
As you know, due to the pandemic situation—unfortunately—we won’t be able to hold our beloved camps in the upcoming Summer 2021. We wanted to recreate LPC vibes and thought: “why not organize an LPC gathering?” Too many of us have gone too long without Morgensport, Folkdancing, Putz, and, of course, the world renown Goodnight circle. We miss it a lot, and we’re sure you do as well.
We would like to invite those who are currently living in Italy to celebrate LPC with us this summer. Based on what will be possible with COVID-19 restrictions, this would most likely be in the first two weekends of July and close to Rome.
Before getting too far into planning, we would love to get a general idea of how many of you would be interested in participating. Once we have this information, we will set a date in stone and send out a more official signup form. Please respond to this email by June 4. You will receive an update from us following that date.
If you’re interested, or have any questions, feel free to contact us at our personal email addresses:
·       RicciFlippo48@gmail.com

LPC Olympics! Registration: June 1, 2021

Well, it’s happened again. After a disappointing last year, so many of us were looking forward to this summer. And now we still can’t travel. The excitement, the ceremony, the special events, the international understanding… All will be missed. So sad.

Of course we’re talking about….the Olympics! Well, we may not be able to get to Tokyo, but don’t you worry, LPC always finds a way. If you can’t go to the Olympics, LPC will bring the OLYMPICS (pronounced “LPC Olympics”) to you! Experience the thrill of international competition as you and your LPC Family face the Challenges of many incredible events! (Physical exertion not required.) Discover extraordinary Venues, test yourself to the fullest, meet or reconnect with your fellow Olympians!

To have this once in a lifetime experience (unless you did the LPC Hunt last summer…) all you have to do is sign up. You will become a member of an LPC Family and throughout July and August you will be an Olympian, solving puzzles, sharing laughs and striving to reach your goals with your Family team! And the best part is you are not required to travel one kilometer – the OLYMPICS will take place online, and you will only need to set aside 1-2 hours per week to participate.

If you think this is for you (yes, it is!), sign up now. No cost. Tell your LPC friends! Registration will close on June 1, 2021. It will be fun, stimulating, nostalgic, mind-blowing…. Be a part of the OLYMPICS!

To register, go to: https://forms.gle/6arVsJ1xTACmHBxE7

For further information, contact Olympus Kampantzakis (Ollie) at lpcolympics21@gmail.com

LPC Summer 2021- April Update

Dear Campers, Staff Members and Families of LPC,

The association of Luethi-Peterson Camps met this past weekend to discuss potential plans for this summer. Unfortunately, we decided not to host summer camps for 2021. Like last year, there is still much uncertainty as the COVID-19 pandemic still is affecting many nations around the world. This includes rising numbers of cases and changing quarantine requirements for entering and leaving specific countries. The situation is still fluid, and new restrictions can be imposed at short notice. This has been a very difficult decision-making process for the organization over the past few months. We had hoped for a return to normal this spring. However, we do not feel we have a clear picture of what this summer would look like and felt that we could not ensure a safe experience for campers, staffers and directors alike. 

As mentioned earlier, interest from the community has been inspiring and informative during this process. While we may not be able to offer our normal summer camp programming, we are currently working to keep the LPC spirit alive for this summer and into this fall. This includes:

-Digital Activities

This will include hopefully another digital Camp Birthday celebration, a Silent Auction and other small events throughout the summer and the fall.

-Summits, Trainings and Discussion Groups

This will include discussions with various support groups in the LPC community as well as discussion and training with staff members

-Gatherings and Work Weekends

This would include putting together weekends for families in localized areas and potential work weekends to fix up our sites.

If you would like to receive email updates on these specific events and other information going forward, please fill in the form below to join our mailing list.

Mailing List Form

If you filled in our previous form from the past few months, you will continue to receive emails from us. You can email lpc.office@ecole.ch if you would like to opt out from these emails.

That all said, we hope to get a jump on planning for our 2022 camps. While again we cannot guarantee if we will be able to offer camps in 2022, we are hoping to start to look into options and policies for next summer earlier in the fall. Signing up for the above mailing list will ensure you will receive information from us concerning 2022.

I hope wherever you are, you are well, staying safe and have been able to enjoy the Spring. Again, we hope to stay in touch with you all during this difficult time. Thank you for your patience and support over this year. 

On behalf of Luethi-Peterson Camps Inc.

Executive Committee: Tommaso Besozzi, Tomek Chilarski and Maureen Tunney

Update January 2021

Dear Campers, Staff Members and Families of LPC,

Over the past few months, the European Central Office has gotten many requests for applications and interest in camps for this summer. It has been heart-warming to feel this support. Like many plans and events over the past year and for the foreseeable future, we are unable to say with certainty whether Luethi-Peterson Camps and related activities can take place this summer due to continuing concerns for staff and camper safety.

While this pandemic has been a very hard challenge for continuing our normal summer camps, we hope to recreate some LPC spirit in some form this summer. Some ideas we had during our annual conference were: (i) localized summer camps where campers and staffers within a small geographic region may be able to meet for shortened versions of LPC camps; (ii) localized day camps; (iii) localized offers which may include overnight hikes, day hikes, 1-2 hours of folkdancing, distanced singing and other camp-like activities similar to Support Group weekends; (iv) Work Camp Opportunities which would include working on various projects for some of our houses including Freedom (USA), Birch Point (USA), and Heggnes (Norway); (v) digital workshops and activities similar to the digital treasure hunt and Camp Birthday last summer.

While it is exciting to think that some of the above may be possible this summer, it is very important to stress that this is all dependent on what the situation will be in the coming months.

By April we hope to have a clearer vision of what will be possible this summer. We would also like to hear from you and what your interest in LPC is for this summer. If you are interested in receiving more information about the LPC program for this summer, please fill the form: https://cutt.ly/LPC2021InterestForm.

By filling in this form, we will put you on our mailing list to receive updates on the situation for LPC 2021. We will also be providing updates via our website.

I hope wherever you are, you are well, staying safe and were able to celebrate this festive season in some way or form

On behalf of Luethi Peterson Camps Int.

Executive Committee: Francesca Memè, Tommaso Besozzi and Tomek Chilarski


Update from excom November 2020

Dear LPC Family, Parents, Counsellors and Campers

We very much hope that you and your families all stay healthy and safe during these challenging times.

Given the current pandemic situation we are not yet in a position to make decisions about the summer of 2021. We plan on holding our usual winter meeting at the end of December and will post an update in regard to applications and potential camp options then. In the spring of 2021 we should know more about the chances of running safe and smooth camps in the summer and if so, how and where we could run our camps. At this stage it is certainly too early to make any final decisions.

We do hope that the situation during the winter and early spring will get better and we will be able to organize our camps and offer an LPC summer to as many children as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us here lpcexcom@gmail.com if you have any questions.

With warm greetings,

LPC Executive Committee

Francesca Memè, Tommaso Besozzi and Tomek Chilarski

We are holding a virtual LPC Camp Birthday over Zoom, everyone is welcome to join in, whereever you are! We will have a whole camp in just two hours, with activities and a silent Auction to benefit LPC.

We hope to see you there!

Click this link to sign up: Click here

The world wide LPC hunt 2020

What does LPC mean to you? A chance to get to know new people from all around the world? Experiencing different international locations? Embracing independent thinking? Reliving cherished LPC traditions? Experience all of these, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, in the first ever World-Wide LPC Hunt !

The World-Wide LPC Hunt is a series of LPC-themed puzzles. You will join a “Family” (this is, after all, LPC), with whom you will work online to solve each weekly puzzle. Every week, beginning around mid-July, each member of your camp Family will receive a link to an LPC-related puzzle to solve. When the answers to all the Family members’ clues are combined, you’ll uncover the answer to the weekly puzzle. At the end of 5 weeks, you’ll receive a Final Clue that ties together the weekly puzzles and reveals where we all found LPC this summer!

Sign up by completing the LPC Hunt registration form by June 15 to participate. You will need to commit 1-2 hours per week to Hunting. No LPC experience needed, no puzzle expertise required, no purchase necessary, no excuses not to play 🙂     Sign up now!

If you have any questions, e-mail your friendly World-Wide LPC Hunt Coordinators at   lpc.hunt20@gmail.com.

Covid-19 update, April, 2020

Dear LPC Family,

We would like to announce, with deep sorrow and disappointment, that we have made the decision to cancel all LPC camps planned for the summer of 2020. The pandemic outbreak did not slow down to the extent we had hoped and the level of uncertainty has not subsided. With heavy hearts, we took into consideration the current situation in Europe and in the United States, the travel restrictions which may continue throughout the summer, and the legal restrictions put in place in many countries that prevent large gatherings. It has been a very difficult decision, but the only one our organization can make in this situation in order to ensure the health and safety of all our camp participants.

This situation is as emotional to us as it is probably to all of you. This will be the first year in which no camps are held in the summer since Luethi Peterson Camps Inc. was founded in 1948 and the first summer camp organized in August 1949. We believe that we, as a community, should now look for any ways to take as much good out of these disappointing circumstances as possible.

The philosophy behind LPC camps envisions building a close social community where children and staff members are living, cooking, creating music and art, working and learning together. The restrictions imposed on any social interactions globally make it impossible for us to be physically together in a close community for three or four weeks. Nevertheless, no camps this summer does not mean we cannot be together in an alternative way, organize different on-line events, games or even shows. We have already heard many different ideas from directors and staff members as to how the LPC community can be together without being physically close this summer. LPC radio run by Piet-Hein van der Ploeg every Sunday is an illustration of what we have in mind – for info on how to tune in check out our official Facebook page! We will be happy to hear more of such initiatives and will try to build up a platform where we can share our thoughts and implement our ideas.

Depending on the global situation, we hope we will be able to resume LPC camps in summer 2021.

May this difficult time be one of bringing us together regardless of not having camps this summer.

We hope you all stay healthy and safe.

With warm greetings,

LPC Executive Committee

Francesca Memè
Tommaso Besozzi
Tomek Chilarski