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LPC World Gathering 2018

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Refugee Project 2017

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Camps in 2018

For Younger Campers



Site:             Freedom, New Hampshire

Ages:            9 – 14

Dates:          July 11th –  August 6th

Director:       Travis McCoy Fuller (USA)




Site:             Kiidi

Dates:          July 16th –  August 12th

Directors:      Viola Ciucciomei (Italy) & Natalie von Tscharner (Switzerland)

For Older Campers


Czech Rep.   Site:             Klino

Ages:            14-17

Dates:          July 5th  –  July 18th

Directors:      Julia Fiebig (Germany/USA) & Laia Polls Fabre (Spain)



Norway         Site:             Heggnes, Dale i Sunnfjord

Ages:         14-17

Dates:          July 22nd  –  August 16th

Director:        Tom Speirs (Australia)



USA             Site:             Birch Point, Maine

Ages:            14-17

Dates:          July 9th –  August 6th

Directors:      Rose Cowan (USA) & Colin Townes-Anderson (USA)



YLI               Site:             Site in Italy or Czech Rep. to be determined

Ages:            13-17

Dates:          July 20th  –  August 8th

Directors:      Nina Horakova (Czech Rep.) & Andrea Place  (USA)


Tribute to Natalie

Tribute to Armin

Camp History List of camp sites through the years


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