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Become a Counselor

LPC Counselors

Anyone 18 years old or over can apply to be an LPC counselor and help to run a camp. It is not necessary to have been a camper in LPC to apply to be a counselor, although most people who do apply have either been campers themselves or know someone who has been a camper or a counselor.

Camp counselor Paula Vestlund (left) leads a folk dance at Lingbo, Sweden, in 2010.

Working as a counselor in LPC is extremely rewarding, although also very challenging. Counselors work on a staff of 8-10 to run a camp of anywhere between 14 and 36 campers from 9-14 years of age (at camps for Younger Kids) or 14-17 years of age (at camps for Older Kids) for two to six weeks in duration. Counselors and campers together make  decisions about many aspects of camp life, from the choices of camp activities to the internal rules which regulate the life of the community. Issues of health and safety are always decided by the counselors and ultimately the director(s).

Counselor applications need to be received by LPC no later than December 1 in order to receive full consideration. Camps are organized during LPC’s annual “Christmas Conference,” which is held at the end of each year in the Ecole d’Humanité, Hasliberg-Goldern, Switzerland. For further information on applying as a counselor, contact LPC.

There is no limit to the number of years that you can be a counselor. Some counselors work for a few summers in a row, then take a long break before returning as counselors even after twenty years or more!


LPC Directors

Director Andrea Place (left) with counselors-in-training at Le Caussanel, France, in 2007.

If a counselor wishes to become a director, there is an application process and a training procedure to reach this goal.  Once a person has been successfully trained and is ready to direct, they are welcome to attend the annual Christmas Conference to participate fully in the organization of camps.