Become a Director

Being an LPC counselor is an extremely challenging and rewarding experience, and many counselors return to LPC year after year. After a few years, however, some counselors feel ready to be trained to direct an LPC camp.

Director Andrea Place (left) with counselors-in-training at Le Caussanel, France, in 2007.

Directing a camp is in many ways a completely different experience to being a camp counselor. It involves taking ultimate responsibility for everything that happens in camp, from the selection of the camper and counselor group to the choice of camp site, and overseeing the smooth and safe running of the camp.

A director still has essentially the same role as a counselor — in many camps, the campers might not even know which one of the counselors is in fact the camp director — but the increased responsibilities and administration usually lead to less time to relax and have fun with the campers. For that reason, not every counselor may wish to be trained as a director, no matter how able and experienced they are.

Nevertheless, for those who feel attracted to the increased responsibility, directing a camp is a wonderful challenge and a great learning experience. Aspiring directors should mention their interest to the directors of LPC camps they have been in, who will be able to give them some feedback about the qualities and skills required of directors. They should also contact LPC to obtain the relevant application form.

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